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DirectPOS.NET is a set of classes that bypasses OPOS and other libraries to talk to POS devices directly.

Why bypass OPOS?

Because many OPOS drivers are notoriously buggy. I started this project after fighting buggy Bixolon OPOS drivers which worked fine so long as no scanners were plugged in, but the minute a scanner was in the system the thermal printers stopped responding until the scanners were turned off. OPOS drivers are also often complex to configure.

Why bypass vendor libraries?

Well in short many of them are "demos" at best and often have limitations and often not updated to recent operating systems. Others require complex deployment dependencies.

DirectPOS will be developed on an as needed basis, but since I'm using commonly used POS devices it is likely to be of use to other POS users.

Current Status

I am in the process of moving the code out of my project and into this library. I am focusing on the thermal printers first as the are the most commonly used device. If you need something that is not ported yet please let me know.

The Srp350 class is very basic in the current check in, but it does function and allow printing, direct communication, paper cutting, etc. I am expanding it to include support for more commands so you don't have to issue the command sequences directly for extra functions.

Current POS devices:

  • Bixolon Thermal SRP-350 receipt printer.
    • This printer is compatible with other Bixolon, Samsung, Epson and other thermal printers so you can use the Srp350 class for just about any Bixolon 3xx series printer, as well as most Epson TM and other series printers. Most impact receipt printers are also usable with this class.
  • DR150 scale
  • Generic Bar code reader
  • Posiflex CR3100 USB Cash Drawer

If you have other devices you've written support for, feel free to join the project and add your devices.

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